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Given the long list of advanced features that they come bundled with these days, it is not an overstatement to say that our phones are our most used devices. The operating systems’ generic driver may not be updated as often as the drivers from a hardware manufacturer or computer manufacturer. And what we’ve seen is that after turnover peaked in Q2 of this year, we are seeing the early signs of these investments paying off.

  • No warranty or compensation is given for any loss of data or hardware.
  • Since 1995, at least 18 states have introduced measures to regulate car phones.
  • Individual drivers may be available freely by manually visiting device manufacturer websites.

It allows a driver to use a handheld device for some other purposes, such as navigation or phone calls. But lawmakers, many of whom spend hours each week behind the wheel, have been reluctant in recent years to pass more restrictive legislation. Most of participants viewed hands-free CUWD calling as acceptable within each social norms scenario. Hands-free messaging behaviors were also viewed as acceptable, though they perceived parental opinion surrounding sending/reading messages as unacceptable. Lastly, while most participants understood handheld messaging behaviors were not permitted by law, they were uncertain regarding the legality of both handheld calling and hands-free messaging behaviors.

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For example, Arizona prohibits bus drivers from using a cell phone while operating a bus. Florida has a specific law concerning cell phones with head sets, stipulating that the head set allow outside sounds to be heard through at least one ear. New Jersey does not allow drivers under age 21 with a learner’s permit to use a cell phone while driving. New York’s law, enacted in 2001, is the most extensive. This state forbids drivers from talking on hand-held cell phones while operating a vehicle, despite numerous studies that indicate the enhanced risk is the same for hand-held phones and hands-free phones. Furthermore, not all states are currently in compliance with federal laws regarding CDL drivers and cell phone usage.

Blocking the smartphone features is found encouraging in some recent studies and has argued that it will significantly reduce the risks of crashes as many features of the phone will be stopped during driving. However, this approach is strongly discouraged by the people who have developed their habitual contact with their phones. Similarly, it has low adequacy among the drivers as the blocking approach is against the espousal of technology . Besides, no strong evidence has been found to investigate the effectiveness of this approach . A new survey from AAA reveals that many drivers admit to risky behaviors like speeding and using their handheld mobile phone while driving through a school zone. Another key area to address concerning this issue is driver education.

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Only 43% of participants used hands-free technology for sending messages and 30% for reading messages, while half reported not using the technology for messaging at all. A car is weaving back and forth, speeding up then slowing down, or suddenly stopping. Cell phones are used everywhere, but on the road they are a dangerous distraction to drivers and should be prohibited.


So in this tutorial, we explain in detail how to update the drivers on your Windows 11 computer. We have included the steps to update drivers through the built-in Device Manager, a third-party program, and dedicated websites of various laptop makers like Lenovo, Asus, Dell, and more. You can use these websites to find and install the latest drivers on Windows 11.